Showcase La Garrigue - Essence Vital

Natures beauty is the quintessence of La Garrigue Beauté Naturelle cosmetics.
The origin is found in the mediterranean Southern France, were the hilly landscapes of Provence pass the Cevenne valleys. The region of Garrigue is transformed into a tale of colours due to the various herbs and plants flourishing there. Early in the mornings the sun warms the earth, eliciting the faunas gloriouse scents and aromas, awakening the senses. In the silence of the night a warm scent of herbs covers the land like a blanket which creates a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere around you. All authenitc facets of the natural beauty from the Garrigue region are reflected in these exclusive cosmetics.

Idea: A high-end range of cosmetics with a natural, floral and high quality character

Realisation: Creation of two productlines • Essence Vital • Fleur de Garrigue • 40 products • Concept • Naming • Product design • Package design • Logo design • Brand design • Texting • Coordination of print and production

Goal: A distinctive composition of intensive colours and stimulating illustrations. The productrange Essence Vital in the high-price segment of effective cosmetics avoids unnecessary additives and achieves effective results with its active ingredients from plant extracts. The package design in a warm, strong earth tone is supplemented by metallic colours and a consolidation of matt and glossy varnishes to ensure an exclusive flair both optically and haptically. The main focus lies on the exclusively illustrated plant motifs and the intensive colours which vary according to variety.

For the subtle logo we selected a font with pronounced serifs which is distinctive and framed it using a plant stem with a leaf. The claim „natural beauty“ underlines the logo. The focus is the center of the package, were detailed, monochrom illustrations of the plant ingredient „grow out“ of a colour-coded circle.  To differentiate between the product ranges (Essence Vital • Fleur de Garrigue) there is another circle which differs accordingly and includes the product specifications. Having the background aswell as the inner circle changing according to the range allows the required flexibility of  line- and category extensions, without overloading the package while staying consistent to the brand image.